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    Y’all it’s been such a crazy year and it’s only March. March 18th at that like ok 2020 we get it, let me head back to 2019 real quick so I can press restart. SHEESH!!!! Everyone is freaking out about this quarantine thing smh. Buying ALL of the tissue, antibacterial products etc that they’ve never used and/or probably never used. And I’m just sitting here in survival mode like yeah I already know how this goes. Thank God for my tome in the Army and growing up in the hood 😭😭😭. So the main thing on my mind is one, my kids are all over the place and two, business is about to get hit hard, BUT GOD! I‘m not so much worried about sitting in the house being an introvert I’m a homebody most of the time anyways. So I've literally been sitting back watching everyone freak out about being on lock down. The only thing I really miss is taking my walks through the neighborhood so now I’m oh no don’t touch and no you can’t come over lol. Once I heard that this virus is fatal to those of us with asthma I freaked out. So, my kids have literally been in and on everything in my apartment lol. My two year old and five year old are always picking on each other and my eight year is clearly 15 stuck in a child’s body but hey, what do I know. I do feel for those parents and entrepreneurs who are not used to working from home with their children being home. Me on the other hand, this is everyday life. Now as far as business goes, I’ve been keeping contact with other people to a bare minimum. Trying to keep thing clean and sanitized, thats gets even harder with a busy body for a roommate not knowing what germs they bring home. Anywho, I’ve put out notices warning clients that I will not be taking any clients for any in person services until further notice. Since I work from home, I have to be really careful bringing people home where my children are. So my business has taken a big hit. With hair and makeup artistry being the main sources of income for my business. I‘be been putting attention on other parts of my business like business product promo (blogging, creating content), modeling, and graphic design (business websites and creating logos). I will be offering another service called the New Business Package. This package will include the website, and add ons such as logo, marketing, site management, business social media accounts, and payment accounts for secure payment. I will also offer the EIN. Of course a contract will be created to ensure a professional working relationship for each project. As far as regular everyday life goes, I’m trying to reconnect with hobbies that I love. A few of those hobbies include singing, writing (hence more frequent blog post), and designing jewelry (although it’s another form of income, not too many are blessed to do what they love for a living). I guess the real goal is to find things to pass the time. I really love this quote that I found on IG, please don’t quote me I don’t remember the full quote or who said it but it went something like this: 👇🏽 “God put us in time out to recollect and reconnect with him and ourselves. Use this time wisely.” Something like that. The is, things are crazy right now but never forget whose in charge. This too shall pass. Please don’t get lost in the chaos. And if you’ve never prayed before, it’s never too late to start. God bless y’all 🙏🏽❤️

  • Dollar Shave Club (Is it worth the hype?)

    I'm dedicating this post to every woman that shaves!! So, I've been seeing all of these post and ad's for the Dollar Shave Club, and thought, I still shave, so let me see what all this hype is about. The kit included: -one handle (the razor handle) -two disposable razor heads -prep scrub -shave butter -post shave dew To be honest, I wasn’t too impressed. Well, let me be completely honest, I love the prep scrub and the shave butter. But I wasn’t too impressed with the razor. My skin felt weird after shaving with the products and the razor provided with the subscription. But before I decided that I completed disliked the products all together, I decided to try it with my new favorite BIC razor, (picture to the right) The outcome was everything I proceeded using the products from Dollar Shave Club starting with: - the prep scrub (this scrub removes dead skin exposing ingrown hairs allowing you to get the closet possible shave) -the shave butter (its clear which make shaving easier and helps the razor glide against skin causing less irritation) -the after shave moisturizer (relieves skin of any irritation, has a slight cool sensation, makes skin really soft) So over all I'd say this subscription is worth the money, but it also depends on the texture of your body hair. That's why I wasn't a big fan of the razor. The hair on my legs is coarse so I need a good razor when shaving my legs. A razor that doesn't shave right for me causes irritation on my sensitive skin. I hope my review was pretty thorough. Stay tune for the next post. UPDATE!!!!! I tried this razor again with the products that it came with. It was more of an "OMG-I-forgot-to-but-new-razors" moment. Idk why, but I actually love this razor now. Not sure why it worked better the second time around but I am now a believer!!! OK babes, That's all XOXO


    This year, I was able to attend the very first Ipsy Live, not only as an attendee but as a creator. I really enjoyed myself. There were so many different brands like Pixi Beauty, Pop Beauty, SOOAE, Morphe, Ofra, Natura Med (the owners were literally the sweetest, see pics below): I tried this serum and omg it made my skin SOOOOOOOOO smooth. Ive definitely been sleeping on CBD products. Check them out. I also checked out the Riki loves Riki booth. I saw my boo Myke Silva (check him out click link ) Of course I had to snap a pic in the HUGE Fortune and Fame mirror. Outfit details: Top #FashionNova Pants Shoes: Christian Siriano Hoops earrings: #ipsylive #ipsylive2019 #ipsylivenyc #ipsylivenyc2019 #jolieluxe #beautyblogger #ipsyos #ipsyopenstudios #influencer #creator #creatorday This is honestly one of my favorite networking events. If you are an influencer, makeup artist, makeup lover, and/or all of the above, please take this trip. And also be sure to check out Julia's dinner (more like after party because its so bomb). This was my second time attending and I absolutely loved it. My first time attending (Gen. Beauty 2018) I attended as a brand, this year as an influencer. I have no idea what 2020 will bring yet so I have no idea what my role will be I just know that I am going. Here are some of the prizes given away in the raffles Dinner is always amazing and for the past two years it's been hosted at Patrizia's (in Manhatten) and the food is amazing. And Julia and her partner are are everything. Highly suggest all influencers and bloggers to attend this event its worth every penny. You leave with new friends, contacts, content from all of the different picture stations, goodie bags, and a new love for the life of being an influencer. Until next time -xoxo -Jolie

  • My Perfect Nude Face

    NUDE MAKEUP!!!!! of my favorite look. Its either nude glam or no makeup makeup. Throughout 2019, my favorite nude cosmetics products changed and switched up until I found my Holy Grail products. Im going to list them below: Products from left to right: Doll 10 Beauty Complexion Enhancing Palette J. Beauty Cosmetics IG: palette in shade Pretty Neutral I haven't had a nude palette this pretty since my Morphe palettes. My favorite lip stash for my nude looks. I'll list my favorites combinations below: The first combination includes the HD Lip Sculptor from Black RadianceBeauty and my new favorite gloss from J. Beauty cosmetics in shade Morena. The second combo is the HD Lip Sculptor from Black RadianceBeauty, Tarte cosmetics Tartiest lip paint gloss in shade Cinnamon, and favorite glitter gloss from an indie brand called Jaded Cosmetics. It's her glitter gloss in shade Rose gold. Heres her IG Go check her out For a little extra glow . I love using the Bella Chic Cosmetics highlighting spray. This is my first time ever trying a product like this BUT, it's nice extra something to give your face that natural dewy glow. This highlighting spray (in shade Queendom) is the perfect amount of yeeeeeesssssss honey and wow thats pretty (lol). This post is short sweet and to the point. I just wanted to put y'all on game because I'm always getting asked what I use for these types of looks. Well, here you go. See you on the next post. xoxo- Meerah

  • Winter Approved Skincare

    AKA ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY SKIN AND ACHIEVE A FLAWLESS MAKEUP APPLICATION. Please NEVER forget skincare!!!! Skincare is important all year round but for me, I have to do the most around the Fall and Winter seasons. Due to the facts that my skin dries out especially and gets really textures, I have to exfoliate often. Most times, I have to exfoliate at least 4 times a week. I prefer to do my most drastic skincare routines at night when the body does it's recovery process during sleep. I've seen more improvement in my skin doing it that way. Im going to post my favorites skincare products and what I use them for. if you're in the market for good skincare please give these a try. This brush and facial charcoal detox cleaner are from Michael Todd. Definitely on of my favorite skincare and cosmetic brands. I love this brush because its gives my skin an overall clean feel and its great for exfoliation. To check out more of their products click link Now this mask is one of the best mud mask that I have EVER tried. I was actually having allergic reaction from an exfoliation sponge that I tried and it broke my face and my body out (my face suffered more). I had to think quick because I had a campaign to promote and I had to d my makeup ASAP. So, I applied this mask and as soon as I started applying this mask to my face, The itching, irritation, and bumps on my face automatically started to calm down and disappear. I now use this mask to combat hormonal acne and booooooooy has it worked wonders. Please check this brand out. Let me stress one thing, EXFOLIATION is one of the most important steps in my skincare routine for me to maintain healthy smooth skin and a flawless makeup application. Here you'll see me holding the Sonic Facial Exfoliation Hair Removal system, or n other words, a vibrating dermaplan razor. I would usually suggestion getting a service like this professionally done but the beauty of this AT HOME tool is just that, for use AT HOME. Which means anyone can use it. Dermaplaning removes the layers of dead skin and hair on your face and leaves you with a fresh, glowing, smooth skin. Pixi Beauty is one of my absolute FAVORITE skincare and beauty brands. With products ranging from the best exfoliation scrubs to the prettiest liquid glitter shadows. The line up you see (yes, even the Derma E cleanser) is my current skin care routine (outside of my occasional acne breakouts). This complete line of vitamin C products has significantly helped to brighten and even out my skin tone. I use the Derma E cleanser to remove stubborn makeup from my eye area because its really gentle. I use this Mettalusso Vegan makeup remover spray to remove the rest of my makeup before continuing with my skincare routine. Honestly, this vegan spray is pretty bomb. The way it breaks down and melts away your makeup makes removing it effortless and gentle. Last but least, my skincare combo for those occasional/hormonal breakouts (as if I'm not too old to still deal with acne (inserts eye rolling emoji*): This combination of products, cleanses and treats my acne and the Boscia chemical peel helps brighten scars. Also, the Derma E scar gel is literally one of the best on the market PLEEEAAAASSSSSE do yourself favor and invest in some. I hope my "HAPPY SKIN HOW-TO" helps you all in the search for good skin care. If y'all like this post please subscribe to my blog and share. Stay tune for my next post covering my favorite products for the perfect nude beat. xoxo- Ameerah aka Jolie Luxe

  • Lingerie but Make it Fashion

    This year I've been given the opportunity to model for multiple brands. One in particular was Rebel Mama Co. I really liked this piece. I mean honestly what woman doesnt love silk and lace (pic below): Out of all the brands, my favorite brand so far was Oh Lala Cheri. They offer all types of beautiful and sexy pieces. From robes, and pajamas, to teddies, 2 and 3 piece sets and silk night gowns. I really enjoyed their " How do you make lingerie outer wear" campaign. (pics below) (swipe) Side note: The pasties that I am wearing under the navy blue body suit is an adhesive bra from Brassy Bra. Its really easy to apply and remove. It comes in multiple colors (neutral and skintone) and they come with nipple covers. For outfit details go to my IG: This blog post is extra short y'all I just wanted to show some of my favorite campaigns and details on each piece. I'll list site links for each brand. And for any of you purchasing for a special someone, or just someone that can make lingerie look like bomb outer is the season of gifting be sure to grab them a piece or two lol. Site links: Ill be adding some of these to my next blog for gifts for her ideas. xoxo -Ameerah


    Jolie Luxe is my baby. I didn't really create my brand until I got out of the Army in 2014. But before I tell my story on why and how Jolie Luxe came about, let me introduce myself. I am Ameerah aka Jolie Luxe, owner and founder of Jolie Luxe LLC. I am a Jersey girl, born and raised, representing the 973. I am a hair stylist and makeup artist: Http:// I'm a beauty, hair, fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger/influencer. I'm also a web, logo, and jewelry, a model (when I'm in the mood lol), a mommy of 3 and an ARMY vet. Http:// Http:// (SHEESH LOL) Now that my life is out of the way, let me tell y'all how I came up with Jolie Luxe. I've been doing hair since I was about 15 or 16 (10+ years). I became a mom at 18 so, I decided to use hair as my hustle to take care of home. Time went by and within that span of time, I became part of a duet called Jolie (hence the name), left that duet and joined the ARMY. Served for 1.5 years before getting injured in Afghanistan and sent home to find out I was deployed pregnant. During my time in the ARMY I met a woman who became a close friend. She's the one that got me into makeup. Big Up's to Cherrelle. I remember my first Sephora trip with her like it was yesterday. I walked in and INSTANTLY fell in love with EVERYTHING from the decor to the aisles and aisles of cosmetics and skincare products. So once I got out in 2014, that's when I finally decided to take my talent serious and turn into a brand. JOLIE LUXE LLC is all things ME!! I do everything from hair and makeup to web, logo, and jewelry design, to blogging being a part time (big emphasis on part time lol) model, and currently growing as an influencer. I will say things can get hectic being a single mom of three children (8 and under) but I somehow maintain. I'll just thank God for that because lord knows I get tired. Y'all, I've LITERALLY turned my hobbies into a career, talk about actually doing what you love everyday. I am a jack of all trades. I hope you all continue to grow with me and my brand. And thank you for all of the continued support on all platforms and with any project that I have worked on. I can't wait for you all to see what I've been working on. XOXO- Ameerah aka Jolie Luxe

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